This is us

This is us


We love darkness, dystopian tales, and industrial design back in the USSR, fast food, rough fabrics like hemp canvas, and early pickups from the American 1950s golden era of trucking. We like all sorts of things, industry, manufacturing, artisanry, sewing, hunting, fishing, gardening, music, pictures, poetry, design, architecture, arts, and crafts; lately we’ve been massively into pottery. It can’t be helped. We suddenly and hopelessly fall in love with things. No doubt we’re professionals and dead serious about our business. But when it comes to the rest we’re amateurs. Amateur means lover. This is us. We’re SNW.   

A joint adventure
Branding and design is our trade. We’ve been around for almost two decades now. Many of our clients were with us from the start. In our experience long-term relations tend to optimise the impact of our efforts. SNW customers range from local artisans to transnational companies. Our engagement includes the entire process, from research, strategy, and media planning to creative work, completion, and follow-up.    

Up where we belong
We like it when our customers do well. Quite a few of our clients have climbed to the top of their industry. We helped them get there. Through the years we’ve learned a lot to say the least about marketing and premium positioning. If you’re currently managing a brand that can’t compete through low-price strategies, we might have one or two matters of interest to discuss with you.

Design for real
Needless to say, we love it. We thoroughly believe in design, and designing for real life. Design is a kind of prayer. It might save the world. We create and deliver designs in a variety of shapes and forms, such as graphic design, product design, music and audio design, motion graphics and film, visualisations, and interior design concepts. Within our professional network we cooperate closely with architects, products developers, audio master engineers, and photographers. We stay on top of the creative process, meticulously monitoring it until the final result matches our original vision. 

Making room
Frequently, actually frighteningly often, we find ourselves in architecture and interior design contexts. How come? Referring to the fact that several of our clients target architects is one way of answering the question. By now we’ve overcome our fear. A number of years and a series of assignments later, we like to think we understand something crucial about architecture, and about rooms. With our eminent partners we carry out interior design concepts, visualise environments, and happily inspire others through our perceptions of spatial experience. 

On location
This is us. Here we are, slightly off the beaten track, right on spot in the middle of nowhere, vigorously aware of the fact that our geographical location fails to meet expectations for an alert advertising agency. But we like it here, and besides our solutions never followed the norm. SNW is housed in an old renovated barn in a cluster of red wooden buildings downtown Östra Tunhem, a small village on the hillside overlooking a fiercely beautiful and ancient landscape. 

We’re a fairly small agency. Our size is our strength; we’re fast and flexible, we move quickly and act swiftly. Over the years we’ve worked hard to build a network with competent and creative professionals who think like us, and sometimes not. You live and you learn. Between us, we’re able to accommodate brilliant ideas and handle complex assignments. Our teams and constellations are eager to take on any challenge. Welcome. 


Fredric Sehéler
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Martin Carlson
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